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6/15 favourite photos of Keeley Hawes

Daughters of Thanos


Izola, Slovenia (by Lara Sorgo)

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6 characters: molly solverson.

What I love so much about the theatre is this – this sounds cynical, but it’s not – the collective lying that goes on. The absolutely bald-faced artifice of it, where it’s not sleight-of-hand, it’s just out-and-out lying in what we do with space and time onstage. And that is its beauty, because it’s all these people working very hard with open, full hearts to lie. And the audience enters into that glorious lie, and we don’t make any bones about it – this is artifice, this is fake, but we are entering into it. And through achieving a wonderful lie, it becomes the truth.

— Jefferson Mays

Note the pool in “Rabid Dog” and the meth cooking device in “Grilled.” In the discussion between Jr. and Walt, Jr asks if everything is okay, and Walt replies “business” while that meth cooking device-like pool is in the background. [x]